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The 600bhp R-R engined Scammell Commander 6x4 tank transporter garage door opener utah is the most powerful truck ever built in Britain in significant numbers. MarkGredzinski looks back at the first heavy Renaults to really catch on in the UK. Renault never really had a presence among heavy truck makers over here but that situation gradually changed with the TR 280 and its subsequent models.

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It was derived from the Berliet TR 280 which was introduced to the French market in 1972 and came to the UK around 1 At that time, there appeared to be much turmoil among the troubled Saviem and Based at Wordsley near Kingswinford and not far from Dudley, DJ Leddington has always run a small but immaculate fleet. Back in 1990, this lone Renault R310 was sharing yard space with a Seddon Atkinson 401 and a Scania Mostly hauling steel, there are DAF XF 95 garage door opener utah in use now, all with individual names in a ribbon like this one. Berliet marques as theywere absorbed into the state-owned Renault Vehicules Industriels group; the story of which is beyond the scope of this feature. However, the key thing was Berliets amazing Premiere cab, which was robust, roomy and good looking.

This enjoyed a deserved long life and helped to establish Renault with its own version of the TR 280 as a maker of heavy trucks, away from an image of manufacturing decent, but rather kooky-looking vans. In the 1960s I first got wind of Berliet through my well-thumbed pages of The Observers Book of Commercial Vehicles and to me they always represented the heavy trucks ofFrance. This was reinforced by their superb logo with its stylised American steam loco viewed from the front. This paid homage to Marius Berliet selling his garage door opener utah manufacturing rights to the American Locomotive Car Company and the subsequent financial benefit to Berliet was not forgotten. Alas, the strong identity of this was ditched in favour of the rather bland Renault diamond in the front grille, but the handsome presence of the cab remained.



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