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In the interests of preventing garage door opener via cell phone cylinder heads, the secret was to avoid hot-cold-hot running, and revving as hard going downhill as driving up, and using engine braking. With a very narrow power band, a two-stroke-engined Foden responded best to being driven like a racing car, working the gearbox to keep the engine speed steady. The racing car analogy is apt.

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‘Strokers’ were flyers, make no mistake, and rewarded skilled and enthusiastic driving. In an era when trucks were restricted to 20mph, full tilt for an FD-powered Foden was as much as three times the speed limit. Before tachographs, motorways and radar interception, on the 400-mile London-Glasgow run, one owner-driver of a two-stroke powered garage door opener via cell phone eight-wheeler celebrated as the Flying Scotsman has gone down in history as routinely howling through the night and arriving at his destination first thing next morning. This meant maintaining an average speed of around 50mph. A man deeply versed in all things Foden is John Sanderson.

He has accumulated vast archives of material, including engineering drawings and other technical documents and a large collection of works photos. He owns a clutch of S20 cabbed Fodens and a turbocharged FD6 Mk7 marine variant he saved for posterity. Picking up a cylinder head, he says: “This cannot have helped. The valves are very close garage door opener via cell phone Inevitably, this restricts the space available for channelling sufficient flow of water to maintain a constant running temperature.



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