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We like the little ditty on the opening page of its website -www. garage door opener wall button com which says succinctly: “There is no place anything like this place anywhere near this place -so this must be the place.

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” Bruv tells us that the best way to view the place must be from the air and if you ever land or take off from the nearby Luton Airport you can depending which way the flight is routed, of course get a great view of the 48 acres used for vehicle storage as the premises are on the flight path. It’s at this garage door opener wall button in the feature you might expect to read an in-depth history of the evolution of Rush Green and in fairness I did try and find something out. However, Bruv that’s the only name I know him by is obviously guarded about giving details out before he really gets to know anyone. What I did discover I think was that the business was established by his late father “just call him Tubby,” says Bruv, sometime in the mid-1950s.

"Where else can you encounter buildings that use chassis from ‘60s York Teamster semitrailers as roof trusses?" One very early acquisition Bruv gets really animated about is how his father was to buyboth the two garage door opener wall button 1929 Scammell 100-tonner tractor units: “I’m sure it was about 1958 that my father bought the two 100-tonners from Pickfords because I can remember that one was stood at Sheffield and the other was at the Pickfords depot in Glasgow. ” Of course, Tubby wasn’t sure what he was going to do with these old load carriers. There wasn’t much of a preservation movement back in the late ‘50s and as these two old Scammells would hardly do 6mph flat out, they were then no good for road use. Someone might have found ajob for them working internally in a big engineering factory perhaps but there were plenty of other not quite as old Scammells that could be better used in such a role. This ERF, NPP 674D, eight-legger previously worked for Chris Metcalfe and then Roberts BrosCircus, if the sticker is correct.



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