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It wasn’t that long since I’d been inside a similar loaded Ergo and John Fallon for one would love the news that this motor is still like everyone at Rush Green methinks grafting garage door opener wall mount The mention of sheds reminds me that the Rush Green sheds are like nothing else you might have seen before I promise. Where else can you encounter buildings that use the distinctive chassis from ‘60s York Teamster semi-trailers as roof trusses? And if that’s not enough, Bruv shows us another internal roof where a series of trailers less landing legs and running gear of course make up the A Scammell awaits a new owner.

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Note the starting handle. This Mercedes Unimog used to work at Luton Airport. Not so much a build of necessity, you could argue that the interior of the building is a superb work of art -Ijest not. As well as garage door opener wall mount in wagons/lorries/trucks and now cars Rush Green must have had thousands of trailers pass through its hands.

In fact Bruv tells us the company almost got into trailer production. He still has a photograph on his garage door opener wall mount wall showing a factory in Rothwell, Leeds where the plan was to start building trailers although that never happened. There was of course a mini Rush Green Motors just south of Leicester, although that Midlands site was cleared of its many classics a few years ago and subsequently developed for housing. Before we get to Bruv’s yard proper, our man wants a word with his straw stack builders so I take time out to examine the brace of TK Bedford arties that are in use for local shunting duties. I resolve I’ll be back to give one of these a drive and also hope that Ryan Koster gives me a shout when the Bison is fully loaded and ready to move across the yard.



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