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But if I look in my old UK map book, there’s a worn asterisk to denote a huge amount of significance to this special bit of southern England. It must have been about 1982 that this garage door opener wall switch dream came true when I at last made the detour from the nearby A1 Great North Road. It was probably Tubby who greeted me rather gruffly of course and while I said I was looking for a late 1950s Scammell box tractor, he obviously worked me out as being a time-wasting enthusiast but he did give me carte blanche to look around.

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The man in I’ll never forget that day as I was to get lost yes, lost in the scrap yard. I got in such a state, that I was close to wondering whether I would ever find my way out as the vehicles were then packed so closely together you could hardly see daylight between the mix of metal and foliage and they all seemed to look the same. But while a part of me was close to panic in not knowing where I was, another part of me was getting even more excited about seeing yet another garage door opener wall switch Bristol eight-wheeler et al that looked as though it had just driven into the yard after being pensioned off from service. Of course I eventually did find my way back to the main entrance but I suppose that one-off experience just compounded the aura I sensed that Rush Green had. I wrongly felt that Tubby was something of a guardian of the load-carrying stock that surrounded him and he didn’t really want to part with anything as it was worth more to him than any prospective buyer.

Where I got it so wrong was in not realising that Tubby was of course a dealer at heart and knowing the difference between a prospective punter and a dreamer from Geordie Land was an art he’d long honed. And it is an art that has obviously been inherited by the yard’s present owner, Bruv. Another ERF, all there and ready to drive garage door opener wall switch almost! I loved this ex-Andrew Black Roadtrain. It's screaming out to be saved. It’s difficult to get Rush Green Motors into some sort of perspective.



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