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I still believe that Tubby and Bruv felt/feel a close affinity to what they dealt/deal with as you can’t have so much transport history pass through your hands without leaving its mark. Of course the father and son duo are also dealers at heart and as Bruv puts it: “Everything in here is for sale" We like the tale of the day when Tubby was wearing a new pair garage door opener will not close and one of his customers took a shine to them. And of course after a chat about their size and the price Tubby ended up selling him his boots there and then. Don’t go to Rush Green Motors unless you’ve got some money in your pocket but we sense that Bruv might be interested in doing some good deals.

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He’s also very aware of how much history he still has and is even considering restoring some of it himself. He doesn’t have the time to commit himself of course but he’d love to hear from any local craftsmen who may have retired but still have the gift and might still have the desire to work for Bruv a few days a week on bringing something special back to life. None of Rush Green’s motors come more special than Leaping Lena, the other 1929 Scammell 100-tonner that did so much work for Pickfords. It’s currently garage door opener will not close in one of Bruv’s sheds patiently waiting to come back to life.

If I didn’t live so far away from that shed and wasn’t as useless in anything DIY I’d join up to the Rush Green Motors Appreciation Society in a flash. However, if you’ve got the time, inclination and the ability to help Bruv restore some of the many classics he has in his fold, then you should give him a ring on 01438 354 But beware, you could get lost, not like I did in the maze of paths around the collection, but in the history and vibes of this heritage heaven. As Tubby and garage door opener will not close and folk like the late Siddle C Cook have found, the sheer aura of Rush Green Motors can leave its mark on you. In a clear case of like father like son, Howard Turner and son Jon have restored a couple of'Mickey Mouse' Foden S21s, an eight-legger completed some years ago, and a 4x2 tractor finished in spring 20 4249 DH immortalised on canvas by MikeJefferies. Courtesy Mike Jefferies.



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