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He is that, but he’s a heck of a lot more. Watch him flip through his iPad of images taken at, say, the start of the London to Brighton Run and his eyes will light up when he spots a motor that has gone through his hands. This is a guy who is probably a bigger enthusiast of the road transport history scene than yours truly because in many respects his passion and interest overflows into many other garage door opener wiring of the mechanised world. He will talk at length about any of the hardware in his yard and we realise the reason why we have been invited to see what he’s got, is of course a marketing ploy.

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He does of course advertise extensively in all the trade outlets but he really wants many more people to be garage door opener wiring of what is concealed behind his fence: “Lots of people don’t realise what we’ve got here" he says and in that respect, I can confirm he has got a lot. The big problem, I’ve realised, is trying to explain the contents. It’s mainly a case of not enough time to give it justice as walking the few yards from the main road entrance to the office could take you half an hour as there’s so much leaping out at you in such a small area. On my visit I must have taken about 300 shots of some of Bruv’s possessions and yet I’ve hardly seen the tip of an iceberg.

True, I got distracted when Ryan Koster gave me a shout that the Bison had to be moved and after he’d tipped off a full load of fully dried wheat, I drove the unladen six-wheeler back to its loading position tight against the shed wall. It was great to get into the Leyland driving seat and feel the old garage door opener wiring come alive. What a peach I wish I could have taken it down the road. I also took time out to shuffle one of the fully loaded TK artics around the straw bale area although tiptoeing round the paddock with such a high load meant I held my breath that it wasn’t going to fall over. HERITAGE APLENTY After spending time with Bruv, I’ve certainly changed my mind about Rush Green Motors.



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