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I myself first worked on these as a fitter

Its fully functioning and every aspect of it works like the real thing! I haven't seen or come across anything like it before or since, and just wondered if anyone knows anything about it. The gent running the stall I purchased it from had no idea what it was. He informed me he got it from a toy fair in South Wales, which would make garage door opener with battery backup as the company Powell Duffryn was based there. Powell Duffryn Engineering was the UK marketing agent for Dempster Brothers USA , and first introduced them in the early 1960s, possibly 1 Theywere a common sight in UK towns and cities for waste disposal firms, as they had a fast turnover and were ideal for low level entries where skip trucks etc.

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would not gain access. Theywere phased out in the late 1990s, but as far as I know there are three still operational in Birmingham, used by the city council mainly for high rise tower blocks that have poor access. I myself first worked on these as a fitter in 1973, and then went on to drive them in the late 1970s for a waste firm also in Birmingham and surrounding garage door opener with battery backup If anybody knows more about this modelplease get in contact with me Ed.

I have HC reader Chris Ingleby to thank for updating me as to the fate of the HM Richardson Volvo F88 named ‘Thunderbird’ which was featured in rather poor condition in the May issue of Heritage Commercials. The good news is that the vehicle is in the process ofbeing restored and is now in the safe hands of Clive Richardson son of its original owner Henry Richardson. Clive tells me that the Richardson business used to be run from Slingsby and where I saw the F88 garage door opener with battery backup was the firm’s old depot. That haulage business ceased trading in 2003 but Clive moved this old Volvo to the outskirts of Pickering where he now runs his VTP vehicle parts concern. Clive says they are only working on the F88 when they have some spare time but he did have time to recount the story ofhis late father’s haulage concern and I will submit that for publication very soon.



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