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Bruv has this image in his office ofthe Scammell 100-tonner, BLH 21, when it was working. Areminderofwhat it could again look like? The 100-tonner as it is now. Canyou help Bruv restore it-orany of his vehicles? Give him a call! In the end Tubby sold one to good garage door opener with iphone -and fellow dealer George Hardwick of Ewell in Surrey: “Tubby gave George the choice,” says Bruv, “of which one he wanted and he picked the one KD 9168 that had the more modern cab.

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The other one BLH 21 had no glass in the windows yet the cab on the one George got had obviouslybeen rebuilt and modernised with lift-up glass in the door frames. ” Bruv was able to tell us all manner of stories relating to both these fine pieces of Scammell history and we love his personal reminiscences of when the restored Hardwick Scammell slowly did the London to garage door opener with iphone Run in 1 But of course, we are sworn to secrecy as to some of the hilarious anecdotes he recalled. Most of us will be aware that the Hardwick one did again change hands to Maurice Hudson of Dudley in the West Midlands and being fully restored once more, has taken up long-term residence at the Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland. GOING WALKABOUT If Bruv reallywanted to make some extra money then he could certainly make abob or two by selling admission tickets to nutters like me who just want to wander around his yard as in that respect, the place is a heritage gold mine. It’s probably best if you take a flask and sandwiches because my four-hour visit was in no way long enough to see everything there or even a small portion of it never mind give every resident time for a full and true appraisal.

As luck would have it, my sat nav like most others read the post code to take me to Bruv’s other business next door, which is Rush Green Farm. Mid-September in the arable farming world means crops are coming in and Bruv is concerned about how the wheat is being dried out. Don’t ask me how he finds the time to do so much, and while he says there are 20 staff on the pay roll, this is a guy who likes to keep his finger firmly on the pulse of whatever is going on. As Bruv discusses things with his wheat man Ryan Koster, our inquisitive eyes discover that lurking in a drying shed is a superb weathered Leyland Bison tipper being garage door opener with iphone loaded with dried product. “Go and start it up,” says Bruv, and while it’s a heck of a squeeze up against the shed wall to climb inside the Leyland Ergomatic cab, it’s great to be back.



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