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It can be all go when you visit Rush Green Motors. Into the yard proper at last and you can see a lot has changed since my visit in 1 A lot of the older vehicles are still parked closely together but by using recycled road planings, a lot of hard standing has been generated. There’s still a maze of substantial footpaths that can suck you in but being forearmed, I take my bearings with the position of the weak intermittent sun so I won’t repeat getting lost. I’m really looking for a couple of Scammells that Bruv reckons used to belong to the late Siddle C Cook Consett, Co Durham’s most famous haulier of old and a long-time garage door opener with keypad hero of mine: “Tubby used to deal with Siddle a lot,” says Bruv, “either selling him old Scammells or different sorts of trailers.

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They always got 011 well together and Tubby used to call the Siddle Ń Cook firm ‘Little Piekfords’ which was an endearing term that Siddle was always well chuffed with. Actually many years later, Siddle came here saying he was after a sump for a Gardner 5LW engine. I garage door opener with keypad know why he wanted it as he could have just called me on the phone. I felt later that he wanted to come back to see the place one more time as a couple of months later, I heard that he had passed away.

” It’s a personal feeling as to whether you believe in things like this or not but don’t ask Bruv about vibes or what it feels like having so much transport history in your own back yard. He may come across as a big, tough, gruff, hard-headed businessman but I reckon this is just a facade. Because iflike me you get the chance to spend even the smallest amount of time in his company walking round his yard then you will hear Bruv spout chapter and verse 011 every piece of metal you encounter. “He's a walking encyclopedia,” as one garage door opener with keypad ofhis staff describes him. round pleased it didn't topple over! Bruv's wheat-shifting Bison is driven by Ryan Koster.



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