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I am sending some photos of classic commercials that I took at Marchs Hemswell Autojumble, which maybe of interest. I particularly like the simple colour scheme on the TK Bedford dropside. Keep up the good work! I am writing with reference to the Foden Twinload on page 20 of the March issue of HC, and am sending some garage door opener won't work of a similar Foden, reg JTU 469C, I used to drive back in 1978 for Coalmoor Refractories delivering firebricks to steel factories back when we had steel companies! We called the Foden a ‘dromedary’, and it had a Gardner 150 and 12-speed gearbox, four on the floor and eight on the right of the steering wheel. Itslastj ob was bricks to Llanelly, South Wales, but when I got to Kidderminster the Ministry pulled me in and I got a GV9 with a cracked chassis at the back due to the stress on the fifth wheel caused by the loaded trailer.

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When it was unloaded it was taken back to Horsehay, Telford. I went on to drive STU 887J, as photographed, and others, until Ibstock bought out the brick part of the firm. I have lots of photos of the trucks I have driven and owned up until 2013 when I retired at the age of I would still be driving trucks but an accident that year caused me to lose the garage door opener won't work in my right eye so I sent my HGV licence back to the DVLA. However, I am currently restoring a Morris-Commercial LC5 like the one that appeared on Heartbeat. Rush Green's present incumbent Bruv says he's very much open for business to the heritage-saving world he even gives BobTuck an open invitation to enjoythe delights of this special part of Hertfordshire that of course includes Bob driving a 38-year-old Ergo Leyland Bison tipper and a straw-carrying TK Bedford artic.

There are 48 acres of old motors to explore at Rush Green, and everything is for sale. There are scrapyards and there are scrapyards or as they are now known in the politically correct 21st century fully licensed End of Life Vehicle Approved Treatment Facilities. And while Rush Green Motors has been around long enough to be an example of both today’s gobbledegook terminology and yesteryear’s more apt description, it is a heck of a lot more. As a youngster in the late 1950s, I always read in awe the Rush Green adverts in Commercial Motor which told of all manner of motors this dealer had for sale. Way up in the north-east ofEngland, I garage door opener won't work of one day visiting this far-off yard even though I wasn’t quite sure where Langley near Hitchin in Hertfordshire reallywas.



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