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Watching Howard and Jon prepare the two 1964-65 registered Fodens for the Cumbria Steam Gathering indicated how much preparation work went into making sure both vehicles were spick and span for the event. Also the amount of shunting needed to get the eight-wheeler out of the garage door opener works intermittently of a tight farmyard so it could be hooked up to the family’s period showman’s caravan. This combination measures a formidable 60ft in length and was an impressive sight as it ran along the coast road towards Ulverston with Jon’s Foden Alpha following on behind with the S21 tractor sitting on the back of their 1975 Crane Fruehauf low-lo ader. Howard was fortunate to retire from his road haulage job in 2007 at the comparatively young age of 57, and since then hes had lots of time to pursue his hobby of restoring vehicles, more often than not accompanied by son Jon, Inside an S Two duvets, four blankets anda rug on top ofthe engine cover have quietened things down somewhat! who has been involved in restoring his dad’s vehicles since he was old enough to wield a spanner.

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After serving his time as an engineering apprentice Howard went to work in a garage. By 1973 he’d passed his HGV test while working for Wilkinson Transport of Rochdale, and then in 1979 he moved to south Cumbria and drove milk tankers for a while. This was garage door opener works intermittently by a long spell with British Oxygen Company, first of all driving a Bedford KM and last of all a six-wheeler DAF CF. Howard added that taking an early retirement was a really smart move to make, although he wouldn’t recommend it from one angle as the money’s not so good! Continuing the BOC connection, Howard and Jon considered a 1954 Sentinel diesel lorrywith sliding cab doors and an underfloor engine, although they never got round to that. But it was the Foden eight-wheeler they were restoring which prompted Jon to take and pass his Class 2, and also his Class 1 just in case an even larger resto project should take their fancy.

FINDING THE FIRST Howard outlined howthe Foden in Kendrick’s brick-red garage door opener works intermittently came their way: “There was an event at Truckhaven outside Carnforth where we found out that this wagon was for sale. It was owned by Paul Parker, so we went down to his place in Hyde, Manchester to take another look. The lorry was taxed and MoT’d, so that was agood start, but we still decided to do loads of work to it. ” The engine is a150 LX Gardner with a 12-speed gearbox, not quite the original engine for one of Kendrick’s Foden bulk tippers: it would have originally had a smaller Gardner LW engine, but still with the same 12-speed ‘box. Howard added that a higher-geared 2 diff had also been fitted when modifications were made when Paul Hyman put this S21 into quarry work, and no doubt with off-road use in mind, the single-drive axle was uprated to double drive.



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