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But seeing that they soon closed the depot, I was pleased I didn’t get thejob. ” Of course our man has loads of stories to tell of his 15 years with Cooks. We like the one where he saved the day in Newport but you’ll have to ask Malcolm why his wagons driver was in police custody at the time! However, if Malcolm has to pick just one tale to tell, it would probably be about the day which he garage door opener yakima wa was the hardest day’s work of his life: “I was with John Gallacher and we’d gone to Cardiff to collect a loco that had to be taken to Kilmarnock to be repaired and refurbished. ” At the time, John ‘s motor was RUP 60D a well thought-of Atkinson 6x4 tractor unit -which was rated for something like 60 tons gross.

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The loco trailer they were hooked up to was Malcolms favourite: “That trailer earned us a lot of moneybecause we could load it so quickly” he says but this particular load would take ages to get on board. “The problem was the six-wheel loco was too long for the trailer,” garage door opener yakima wa Malcolm. “At first we took all the buffers off but again, when John measured it with a tape, he knew we would never get the four-in-line wheels on the back. ” Malcolm had seen enough of John Gallacher at work to realise he was a master ofhis art: “He would have made a Malcolm with the escorting police officer's BSA motorbike.

great teacher,” says Malcolm, “and he also had a great way in being able to talk to anyone to persuade them to do things. ” In the end, Malcolm and John had to jack the loco up high enough so the trailer wheels could go back on and while it’s easy enough to say, Malcolm recalls when he fell into bed that night he was absolutely shattered. The fun didn’t end there because grossing close to 80 tons meant the Atkywas at its limit and beyond: “I’m sure we had to get a snatch on three different occasions,” recalls Malcolm on their 400-mile trip north, “and two of these times were on different parts of Shap. ” Being able to flag someone down and ask them to give them a pull up these steep sections of road was Malcolm’s job: “Something garage door opener yakima wa a loaded eight-wheeler was best and they didn’t mind as John would give them a bob or two in thanks. ” Of course the loco was safely delivered to Kilmarnock for repairs but Malcolm recalls that when it came to taking it back to South Wales, Cooks used the company’s new 240-ton Scammell Contractor and girder trailer that Walter Tomlinson drove to transport the load.



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