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The ultimate Scammell was the British Army

Scarab trailers used Scammells unique coupling system with integral landing wheels. Comparable in garage door opener yellow light flashing was the Scammell mid-engined Trunker of 1960, designed in anticipation of Construction and Use Regulations changes permitting 32-ton artics with two-axle drive. The gearbox was mounted ahead of the horizontally installed Gardner 6HLX. Power was taken by a shaft under the engine to the bogie.

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The concept was abandoned after three prototypes, though the name was later applied to a 6x2 tractor of conventional layout. The Scammell Scarab's in-unit engine and gearbox and mid-ships engine position came years before Formula One's adoption ofthe layout. The ultimate Scammell was the British Army’s 40mph at 104 tonnes gross Commander 6x4 tank garage door opener yellow light flashing tractor, designed to team with the Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank. With a 625bhp, 11-litre Rolls-Royce V12 turbodiesel a de-rated version of the tank’s engine , the 7ft wide Commander ranks as the most powerful truck ever produced in significant numbers in Britain.

As a design, it was a tour de force in every respect. One of the features setting it apart from most other tank transporter tractors was a crew cab fitted with an effective heating and ventilation system and crew bunk accommodation. This allowed double-shift operation. The resultingincrease in mission productivity gave the fleet of 74 Commanders deployed by the British Army in the 1991 ‘Desert garage door opener yellow light flashing Gulf War sufficient spare capacity to move not only the British Army’s First Armoured Division the Desert Rats but also US Marine Corps armour and equipment fielded by other Coalition forces. The Commander was designed intrinsically for deployment in Europe in support of the British Army of the Rhine.



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