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RUP D with a loco

In 1972, the garage door opener yorba linda was made to relocate all the Cook heavy haulage vehicles to the nearby Pickfords depot at Birtley. However it had been the introduction of the Plating & Testing Regulations that saw the death knell of many of Cook’s old trailers and Malcolm could still shed a tear on the cutting up ofhis beloved loco trailer, that was specially made by the Consett concern of Frejon Engineering. "We’d do 12 nights on the trot before taking two days off and then you did a week on days, shunting.

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" Malcolm then made the move across to driving and after paying his dues driving a rigid four-wheeler for six months he was to spend eight years on a variety of trunk runs: “We used to go to Edmonton in North garage door opener yorba linda a lot" he says. “Down one night and then back up the next but the way we worked, we’d do 12 nights on the trot before taking two days off and then you did a week on days, shunting”’ In 1980, with hardly any notice, Tayforth/ NEC decided to close the Consett depot and everyone was made redundant: “Actually we were given the chance to buy our old wagons and start up as owner-drivers" says Malcolm, “and while I think four lads did that, I didn’t think it was agood idea. ” RUP60D with a loco on board. The semi-trailer was built originally by Frejon Engineering to be hauled by Cook's Scammell Constructor.

Because that wagon was so high, when other units pulled this trailer they had to fit an extension on to the fifth wheel so it could hook up. When he came off mating, Malcolm had to earn his driver's dues with this Leyland Lynx for six months before moving on to artics. The company garage door opener yorba linda in 1980, and this photo ofthe lastgathering wastaken at a local hostelry. Instead Malcolm spent the next 14 years or so working in the AEI factory at Birtley before redundancy again saw him move into a 10-year stint of furniture restoration until he reached retirement age. Of course, Malcolm still took to the road on four or two wheels for social reasons and did try for one more drivingjob: “In ’85, Pickfords at Birtley were advertising for a driver to start on a 6x4 Leyland and I did go for an interview.



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