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The fiddle was that you claimed overnight expenses although you spent the night in your own bed. The downside with such an arrangement for a mate like Malcolm was if he was late getting a lift back to the wagon the next morning. Malcolm recalls feeling the wrath of Jock Gallacher’s garage door opener youtube for such an incident: “And I was only 10 minutes late but he went without me.

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But with Jock having a slow Scammell, the wagon I was getting a lift with soon caught him up but I’m sure he didn’t speak to me that day to let me know he was upset. ” Jock was one of the old school of highly thought-of drivers at garage door opener youtube and three ofhis sons John, Paddy and Michael also worked there. And it was to be the late John Gallacher who was to be something of a mentor to Malcolm as he eventually found his feet in the Cook workforce. Working in such a tightly knit community as Siddle Cooks meant Malcolm grew up very quickly as friendships were formed.

No matter who he worked with, Malcolm recalls the mate’s responsibilities were clear cut: “Keep the motor clean and wash it whenever possible. Keep the windscreen, lights and reflectors clean at all times and make sure you kept a supply of bulbs for whatever trailer you might have to hook up to. You also had to keep the wagons Hardy Spicerjoints on the propshaft fully greased as if one of them failed due to poor maintenance then it was a sackable offence. And you also had to drain the old Scammells of water on a night during the winter and fill them up next morning. I know the garage door opener youtube pump on the Gardner had a fibre wheel inside that was designed to shear if things froze up and again you could get the sack if that occurred”’ Once he got to 21 in 1966 Malcolm could legally drive any HGV as the need for a driving test wasn’t reinstated for a few years yet.



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