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While this reduced output from 90 to 80bhp for the four-cylinder and 135 to 123bhp for the ‘six’, peak power was delivered at lower revs. Way ahead of its time and now restored, the 1934 AEC 8x8 truck/tractor has pride of place in Australia's National Road Transport Hall of Fame, garage door opener youtube motorcycle funny videos Springs. Having pioneered artics in Britain with its 1919 ‘Six-Wheeled Tractor-Lorry', Scammell was a prodigious innovator.

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The grandfather of all purpose-engineered outsized load prime movers was the 1930 Scammell Hundred Tonner, regarded at the time as world heavyweight champ. Despite only having a 108bhp Gardner 6LW diesel, a garage door opener youtube motorcycle funny videos gear ratio of 196 to 1 enabled it to move a gross train weight of almost 200 tons at walking pace. The transmission system comprised a prop-shaft to the main diff then by individual chains to each of the back axle’s four wheels. Scammell also made the trailer Ofthe two built, one, magnificently restored, is a star exhibit at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland.

Watford’s ubiquitous and ultra-compact 3-6 ton Scammell Scarab three-wheeler urban deliveries tractor that appeared in 1948 was another outstanding example of thinking outside the box. Tens of thousands were produced over the next 20 years and you wouldn’t have to go far to spot one in British Railways’ maroon and cream livery. The 45bhp petrol four-cylinder later replaced by a Perkins diesel was mid-mounted, cradled in the chassis behind die cab. Uniquely among trucks, the engine, gearbox and axle casing formed a single unit It was not until several years later that Formula One cars had mid-mounted engines and the same basic mechanical layout Indivisible load tractors were garage door opener youtube motorcycle funny videos defining glory, but the Scarab was very much the make’s bread-and-butter cashflow generator. Originally designed to transport steam railway locomotives over the Pennines from Leeds to Liverpool docks, the Scammell 100-tonners biggest-ever lift was 165 tons.



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