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Progressive stepping up of power outputs

Others of course had a different view. They either doubted FD reliability or regarded an FD-powered Foden as a fallback option if unacceptably long delivery lead times were being quoted for Gardner-powered chassis. Despite the very real achievements of Foden’s development engineers, FDs are regarded by many to have possessed potential that was never properly garage door opener z wave

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This view is partly explained by the headline statistics of successive evolutions between their debut in 1948 and 1972, when FDs were delisted as an option. Comparing the final Mk7 turbocharged version of the six-cylinder FD6 with the initial Mkl generation, bhp was 79% higher, torque was increased by 82%, weight was garage door opener z wave by 40% and fuel economy was 7% better. Progressive stepping-up of power outputs during the FD6 s production life reflected increases in truck weights and speeds permissible under step-changes in UK Construction and Use Regulations and highway speed limits.

The Mkl FD6 produced 126bhp, the Mk3 150bhp and the Mk6 175bhp. With the garage door opener z wave of a Holset turbocharger, the Mk7 produced 225bhp. In parallel, over time, torque increased from 4401b ft to 6001b ft. 900 Foden seahorses: Cedric Pochin's twin-FD12 engined powerboat. First diesel home in 1963's Daily Express Cowes-Torquay offshore race, but disqualified for minor cabin fittings rule infringements.



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