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Operating as a frontline appliance, the driver was still reliant on the original orange blinker lights and hand bell. Another view of the refurbished Goddess pictured at a fire with Gosforth's other fire engine, a 1954 Commer Miles water tender escape. The 4x4 EPs were good machines to operate, albeit unwieldy in heavy traffic in urban areas, but carried everything that the garage door openers red water tenders did.

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One swift lesson I learned after arriving at a fire at three o’clock in the morning was that the Goddess was a foot higher than the usual Commer water tender and when jumping out one would hit the ground later than usual! Looking back at the lengthy history of the Green Goddess, and the somewhat cult following of it owing to its versatility and longevity, how privileged I now am to be able to look back and say that I have been there and got the T-shirt. Ronald Henderson Washington Tyne & Wear. To qualify for one of Ed's fabulous prizes, send him a letter today. I worked for Associated Biscuits at their Belvedere, Kent, depot as charge HGV fitter and I think the Leyland Terrier on page 60 of the March issue may have been photographed around garage door openers My theory is that it looks like a publicity shot as I have bought other photos of this, and a five vehicle line-up of them.

We had our own workshop at Reading which was called AB Trucks Ltd, and around 1980 the firm got a Leyland franchise. I seem to remember that these were sold to us at a low bargain price. AB Trucks built the bodies for these lorries, as it did previously to our fleet of Bedford TKs. I know that our Mansfield garage door openers had a couple of them, but not the registration number in the photo. NA3T has three or four shots of this vehicle from different angles as I have purchased some of them.



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