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While there had been some development work during the late 1930s it was not until 1947 that the company brought its first production diesel-engined lorry to the market, the DV44 7-8 tonner. Further garage door openers home depot would be introduced over the next few years until the company ceased production of motor vehicles in November 1 By that time the company had produced more than 1000 lorries although this was not quite the end of the line for the Sentinel chassis as the manufacturing rights of the Sentinel Road Vehicle Division were acquired by a consortium of businessmen. These included Tom Ward of North Cheshire Motors and Sentinel fleet operator Ron Mason, and with premises at Winwick Street in Warrington a new company was set up which traded as Transport Vehicles Warrington Ltd with the lorries which they produced being badged as TVW The business lasted until 1961 by which time around 100 lorries had been built with all of the vehicles being based on the Sentinel chassis frames and running gear with the early examples using the leftover vehicles and spare parts which were acquired when they took over the Sentinel Road Vehicle Division.

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Classic garage door openers home depot Starting work on the cab. Note the original owner's signwriting, Strachan The cab was in such poor condition it was bolted to a framework made up and Henshaw of Bristol. Photo Neil Matlock.

from Dexion section to stop it falling apart. Photo Neil Matlock. Sentinel had produced the first of its six-wheel diesel-engined lorries in 1950 with the launch of the DV46, also referred to as the light six-wheeler. The prototype for this model was based on the long-wheelbase chassis used on the earlier four-wheeler with the addition of a trailing axle with the rear suspension featuring four underslung springs which were connected by unequal length balance beams. With the prototype proving to be a success two more versions were introduced, both rated as 15‘/2 tonners and with wheelbases of garage door openers home depot 8 Win and 15ft 6‘/2in.



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