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The only photo I have been trying to obtain

Unfortunately, these vehicles were not powerful enough for our work and we upgraded to the Boxer range. AB Trucks was sold off when we were taken over by Nabisco and all of our fleet was repainted into Nabisco cream and brown. We at Belvedere started to get them in garage door openers remotes just as my late father retired and handed over the reins to me.

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Oh what a lucky man he was, as we were Bedford lovers through and through. NA3T have a really wide selection of photos and I have purchased many from them. The only photo I have been trying to obtain is of a Kemps Biscuits Commer/ Dodge Walk Thru that I used to drive back in 1968, but I shall keep looking. I have also attached other photos that may be of interest to you of how the livery changed from the early days of W&R Jacobs to the closing stages of its transport operations when its final name was Jacobs Bakery, as garage door openers remotes in the Leyland Freighter.

Jacobs Biscuits is now under the banner of McVities. I am writing regarding S Ludbrook looking for info on two company liveries in the April edition of HC on page If he looks on photos he will find a couple of photos of lorries from both companies. Although the W J Weavers is in black and white he can see the layout of the signwriting quite well and the other company H Cox & Sons is in colour if indeed this is the company he is looking for. Hope this helps. In reply to S LudbrookÂ’s letter in the April issue of HC, WH Weaver Wally ran a quantity of garage door openers remotes Highwayman lorries from Clerkenleap Garage, Kempsey, Worcester.



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