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completed the line up of Sentinel diesel engined

The lorries were initially powered by the Sentinel Ricardo 90bhp indirect injection four-cylinder diesel engine until this was garage door openers reviews in 1952 by the 80bhp direct injection engine. The new Sentinel six-wheeler proved to be popular with tipper operators and around 200 were produced between 1950 and 1 Neil Matlock, the author of a very interesting book on the Sentinel diesels, was kind enough to provide some information on the ‘heavy’ version which was also introduced in 19 Neil was also instrumental in THY 852 being saved from the scrapyard.

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“The DV46, the ‘light six! was joined by the DV66, the ‘heavy six’, in 1950, and in 1954 the DV66M, the ‘medium six! completed the line-up of Sentinel diesel engined six-wheelers. Arguably the best of the bunch was the DV66M which was a fabulous vehicle but which came far too late, as only 12 months after it appeared the company’s commercial vehicle production was being run down in favour of other products such as unit head machines for mass production and other garage door openers reviews tools which were probably far more profitable areas of business. “The DV66 featured a stronger chassis frame built from 5/i6in steel with 12in deep side members which deepened to 13‘/2in over the rear bogie. The double drive rear bogie used Kirkstall axles with overhead worm drive, and to eliminate ‘axle fight’ a third differential was incorporated in the lead axle.

The standard axle ratio of garage door openers reviews gave a top road speed of 30mph although other ratios could be provided at the customer’s request. “Tyres were 00 x 20 on the front axle with 900 x 20 on the rear bogie. A heavy duty, two-spring suspension, with tie rods locating the axles was employed, an arrangement which gave good articulation over all operating conditions. A single wheelbase of 17ft 5‘/2in with a design gross weight of 19 tons was offered for both haulage and tipper applications.



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