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My tyre company used industrial hand cleaner as

To improve comfort further I fitted a Bostrom seat, which meant that one of the The Foden in its working days. batteries had to be moved from the garage door openers troubleshooting side, which caused a lack of leg room which saw the rarely carried passenger with his legs under his chin! On the engine side of things, the turbo was always leaking despite seal after seal being replaced. The answer was to pipe the leaking oil back to number six rocker box.

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Also, when the air compressor was garage door openers troubleshooting past its best, the window wiper would reduce to a crawl, reminiscent of vacuum wiper days. Tubeless tyres were also a problem back in 1967, as many tyre companies could not deal with them on HGVs. My tyre company used industrial hand cleaner as a lubricant on the tyre bead, the downside of which was that it never dried out, thus when braking the hub and drum would lock and the tyre would continue revolving around the wheel centre! This led to a lot of slowly deflating tyres. Also a number of wheels were badly welded, leading to more flats.

Reading the Perkins Story Part 1 in the April issue I noticed the little sub article concerning a Down Under Adventure. Chamberlain Tractors were built in Welshpool, Perth, Western Australia in a factory that was set up after the Second World War to build a two-cylinder, heavy-duty tractor, the 40K, suitable for Australian farms with garage door openers troubleshooting large acreage. Although it was a great success initially, cheaper imports from the States and the UK, especially the Perkins P6TA-powered Fordson Major forced a major rethink that resulted in a new model, the Champion, powered by an imported Perkins P4 engine. In 1955 as the first two prototype Champions were being assembled, one was offered for use as a rescue and back-up vehicle to the Redex Company, who were the main sponsors of Round Australia Trial. The Trial had been dreamt up by members of the New South Wales Car Club and started and finished in Melbourne.



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