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What really strikes you about the museum

Despite only opening in May 2015, the museum has already established itself as a major tourist attraction, and with good reason. It is unlike any other garage door remote 139 653000 we can think of. For starters, there are no ropes or ‘do not touch’ signs.

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What’s more, while many cars are immaculate, some are garage door remote 139 653000 never to be titivated. Cunningham Jnr is evangelical about educating the wider public on the concept of preservation over restoration. What really strikes you about the museum is its size. That, and the sheer diversity of the vehicles on display.

Here you can find everything from a Bond Bug to an Amphicar 770 via a rare right-hand-drive De Lorean and a GM Greyhound Scenicruiser coach that Cunningham Jnr drove on one of his many road trips in the USA. Not only that, there are garage door remote 139 653000 here that you will likely never have heard of before, let alone seen, be it an eight-wheel-drive Willys or a steam-powered Lomax. Address Isle of Man Motor Museum, Jurby, IM7 3BD Where? Just off the A14 on the former RAF Jurby site, 10 miles west of Ramsey Opening hours 10am-5pm Wednesday-Sunday closed Mondays and Tuesdays -------------- Then there’s the 1950 Hunt Special. This remarkable three-wheeler was devised by Lloyd Hunt, chief engineer for the Southern California Edison Company. It features a flat-four engine derived from a straight-six Buick unit, plus rudder controls.



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