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Also penned and built by Pininfarina, the shape was the work ofAmerican architect-turned-car-designer, Tom Tjaarda. The last version, the Spider-europa, even carried Pininfarina badging, losing the Fiat name from 1 As with the Alfa, the 124’s outline can be traced back to an earlier show special. Unlike its Milanese rival, however, the inspiration for the Fiat’s contours had first been previewed on another garage door remote 2 button chassis -namely, and perhaps surprisingly, Chevrolet.

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After seeing Tjaarda’s Corvette-based Rondine coupe in Paris, Fiat’s bosses requested a remake for the sporting 2+2 that they were planning as a replacement for the 1500 Cabriolet. Launched at the Turin Salon in November ’66 and based on a garage door remote 2 button platform from the 124 saloon. Spider would enjoy an impressive 19-year career. Of the two, the Fiat looks the more modern today, its sharper, chiselled lines placing it firmly at the tail-end of the 1960s.

The shape is more generic and less instantly recognisable than the quirky, barrel-sided Alfa, but it’s a superbly slick piece of industrial design. As you walk around it, the deceptively simple styling garage door remote 2 button a fine coherence and some gorgeous detailing the way the waistline kicks up sharply above the sculpted doorhandle recess, the angled rear wings that echo the Ferrari 365 California also by Tjaarda , not to mention what must be the best hood in the business. Equipped with proper glass rear quarterlights that pivot into the flanks when the top is lowered, it is simplicity itself to operate and wonderfully airy when raised. The cabin follows a similar theme. Minimalism replaces ornamentation, plain flat surfaces taking the place of the Alfa’s wacky overkill, but it feels classy and sophisticated.



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