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The best model is a 1608cc BS with twin Webers as fitted to European cars only , or the 1756cc CS cars, which have basically the same engine as the Abarth. They will rev to the skies and, given regular oil changes, they are indestructible. ” Don’t, however, let the pretty shape or fine engines blind you when looking at a potential purchase. “Bear in garage door remote 308911 that body restoration is expensive,” says de Turris.

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“The 124’s rear arches, for example, are not just a simple replacement -if the outers are rusty, the inners will have already rusted, so you’ll need to replace both, and that takes at least 16-20 hours per side to do correctly. A typical rebuild is about 7-800 hours if the car isn’t too rotten to start with. All Spiders will cost roughly the same to rebuild, but chrome-bumper cars can be worth as much as double the value of a garage door remote 308911 model in the same condition. “Right-hookers are as good to drive if they’ve been converted correctly about 50-70 of the 2-300 here have been done, 40-50 by us but it’s only worth it if you won’t consider left-hand drive. Bad conversions may not have reinforcing under the ’screen and steering column.

Remember, too, that the cars are not symmetrical the floor is slightly higher on the offside of post-’73 models, so if converted you might find that the seat is much too high if you are six foot or over!” Most UK-market S2 Alfas left the factory with right-hand drive, so that particular issue needn’t apply to the Fiat’s rival, although the same caveats about rot-prone bodywork still apply. “Buy the best restored example you can find,” advises Norris. “Make sure that there are photos of the work and that it was done by a reputable firm. If you buy a project you can easily spend more than the car’s value on it at least ?25k to do the bodywork plus garage door remote 308911 to sort the engine and suspension. A full rebuild can cost ?40,0



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