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Both were highly rated in period offering pace neat handling

From the floor-hinged pedals to the curiously angled. Soft-top revival. Our Latin rivals were reborn in the mid-'90s in the garage door remote 315 mhz of the front-drive, Punto-based Barchetta and Tipo-based Alfa Spider.

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Today they represent a cut-price entry into the world of fresh-air Italian sports cars, as well as decent daily transport. The Alfa is a larger, heavier machine than the Fiat, the latter offering less straight-line urge but a livelier drive -albeit in left-hand-drive only unlike the Alfa, which came with RHD . Both were highly rated in period, offering pace, neat handling and avant garage door remote 315 mhz styling, although the Alfa was criticised for scuttle shake. Galvanised bodies mean that rust is less of a problem, but they're not immune from it. Electrical issues aren't uncommon, either, and both can suffer from worn rear suspension.

Cam variators can be troublesome, too, making them sound like a London taxi. Decent examples of the two will set you back ?3-4000, although a nice V6 Alfa is about ?2000 more. The 2-litre Twin Spark Alfa is reckoned to be a better drive, with sharper steering and a sweeter gearchange. Long-throw gearlever garage door remote 315 mhz from high up on the centre console, to the dainty little horn pushes on the three spokes of the steering wheel, the Spider feels extraordinary. Rubber floor mats seem utilitarian, but the Alfa can carry off such apparent contradictions with stylish aplomb.



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