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It really is an exquisite example of Italian flair. It goes and stops superbly, too both cars benefit from discs on all four garage door remote 371lm , as well as having a slicker gearchange, but to my mind lacks something of the sporting nature of the Fiat. The Alfa feels narrower and you perch higher than in the Torinese car, which conspires to give a greater sense of roll and inertia when hustled. In fairness, although ‘our’ Alfa is in beautiful condition, it’s an original, unrestored 41,000-mile example so it would be unfair to expect it to drive as tautly as the 124, which was recently subjected to a painstaking nut-and-bolt rebuild.

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The consensus seems to be, though, that, when comparing like for like, in the handling stakes the Fiat has a slight edge over its Milanese rival, but it loses out marginally in pure performance terms. Be that as it may, both are a joy to drive, but what are they like to live with? “I’d go for an S2,” explains Richard Norris of Classic Alfa. “It’s a really good buy in the current market. They are stylish and fast, and look a bargain especially if you don’t mind garage door remote 371lm drive, which is about 20% less than right-hand drive.

You’d be looking at ?20,000 for an excellent right-hooker, compared to ?45,000 for a Duetto in similar condition. They are more usable, too, because the 2000 engine has much more torque and the bumpers are more protective than the delicate ones on the roundtail cars. ” Paul de Turris of DTR Sports Cars is equally enthusiastic about the Fiat. “These pre-’74 chrome bumper cars are the purest, lightest, and by far the prettiest,” he says. “The later cars can be converted to look like the earlier ones, although it’s not quite as simple as garage door remote 371lm imagine.



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