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Corrosion and poor-quality renovations in the past are the Spider’s biggest enemies. Head-gasket leaks can also be a problem on the S2 and, if there hasn’t been any expense on the front suspension within the garage door remote 380 mhz five years, allow for an overhaul of that (about ?1000). It will transform the car. “The good news is that they are simple to work on, although the dual-circuit braking system on right-hand-drive S2s can be expensive to overhaul and a bit fiddly to bleed afterwards.

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If you do 5000 miles a year and nothing goes wrong, ?300 ought to cover a year’s maintenance. If you owned a good one for five years, I doubt you’d spend more than ?4000 in total. ” Both, then, sound like tempting propositions, and de Turris sums them up perfectly: “Customers tend to love their 124s and rarely sell them for something more exotic. ” It’s a sentiment that, to my mind, resonates strongly when garage door remote 380 mhz to either car. Why pay more for a temperamental thoroughbred when these two beauties have so much to offer? Whether you belong to the Fiat or Alfa camp, both are effortlessly beguiling and have wonderful charm.

Which would I take garage door remote 380 mhz Aesthetically, I prefer the Fiat. It is gorgeously subtle and, as a further bonus, because the model was never officially offered on these shores, it has the additional cachet of rarity. Many road users will struggle to identify it. Choosing a favourite is a really close call, though, and in one respect at least the Fiat can’t match the Alfa. The Milanese Spider sounds so utterly enchanting, it tugs at even the most sceptical of heartstrings.



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