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I’d be happy with either, but I reckon that an Alfa Romeo twin-cam beneath the Fiat’s bonnet would create a near-perfect hybrid. In 2012, garage door remote 390 mhz began to circulate of an all-new Alfa Spider based on the fourth-generation Mazda MX Fiat management confirmed that a deal had been signed in May of that year, fuelling excitement among those Alfisti who were less than enamoured by the front-drive Spider. In 2014, though, FCA boss Sergio Marchionne announced a change of tack.

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All future Alfas, he said, would be made in Italy. A Mazda-based Alfa was not going to happen, but that didn't mean that it was the end of the line for the project. Rumours of reviving the Fiat 124 badge garage door remote 390 mhz to appear in the press, and then, at the 2015 LA Show, the new car left broke cover, a rally-liveried Abarth version following at Geneva in March 20 Heavily based on the MX-5, the new model is slightly larger than its Japanese cousin and powered by a turbocharged Fiat 'four, while its style draws heavily on that of its 1960s forebear. And Alfa? At present, the Spider name adorns the open version of the mid-engined 4C and there is no talk of a new roadster to join it. But with the Milanese firm returning to rear-drive saloons, we may yet see a modern interpretation of the 105 Spider.

Clockwise: both Spiders effectively disguise their saloon origins; minimalist interior of Fiat; slender doorhandle; Cromodoras on featured car; glamorous shape for a mass-market name; superb free-revving twin-cam 'four’. From Minor to Countach, we can supply the classic tyre you need. Wc ilon't mind if the garage door remote 390 mhz cm your budge grazing or raging. But we do care about supplying you with the right tyres for your classic. A veritable antique, even in period, but the combination of pre-war charm and modern running gear holds a certain appeal.



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