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Not the bargain it once was, though. By the time the Alfa and Fiat were launched in 1966, Rootes’ pretty pseudo-American roadster was a bit long in the tooth, but the Series IV of 1964 had its garage door remote 61lm clipped back to make it look more modern. The final version boasted a new five-bearing 1725cc lump that improved performance, too.

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Colin Chapman’s masterpiece garage door remote 61lm rings around most things on the road. The Twin Cam engine endowed it with sparkling performance, while independent suspension and four-wheel discs meant it rode and stopped well, too. One of the finest-handling sports cars ever produced: the glassfibre body won’t rust, but the chassis will. Getting pricey, though. See Buyer’s guide.

Built by the factory in tiny numbers, the 964 Flatnose wasthe garage door remote 61lm bespoke Porsche, ЛВк -says Richard Heseltine as he samples one of the world east ublicised special editions. The silence that follows is swollen and barbed. Perhaps something was lost in the translation. The problem may just as easily have been rooted in the pronunciation Flachbau doesn’t roll off the tongue if you have a tin ear for languages, and probably came across as an expletive. Whatever the truth, our new friend refuses to believe that this Porsche left the factory as it currently appears.



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