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Flachbau manages to avoid a jarring

This was, depending on whose sources you credit, the last truly hand-finished Porsche. In order to understand its place in marque lore, first you need to appreciate just how radical a departure the regular 964 was over the preceding All told, it carried over only 13% of its ancestry from the outgoing model. Introduced in Carrera 4 form in January 1989, the 964 was a technical garage door remote 81lm deforce, sharing at least a modicum of DNA with the ultra-complex 959/ It was no ordinary 911, that’s for sure.

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For starters, it featured four-wheel drive and dispensed with the torsion-bar garage door remote 81lm arrangements of old, replacing them with MacPherson struts and semi-trailing arms. Okay, so it didn’t have the Group B weapon’s multidimensional electronics and torque-dividing doodahs, but it was packing vast levels of grip and Bosch ABS derived from the 928 S4 set-up. There was even power steering. This was the revelatory.

Flachbau manages to avoid a jarring ride on London streets; quad exhausts and whale-tail add drama; huge garage door remote 81lm discs provide prodigious. Collector’s corner. In comparison with some cars owned by Hassanal Bolkiah, aka the Sultan of Brunei, the Flachbau is almost off-the-peg. It's believed that at one point, the monarch's collection stretched to more than 7000 vehicles, his fleet including several that purportedly didn't exist. Think the Ferrari Mythos concept remained unique? Nope, he had three made in secret.



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