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And then there was the turbo S, the endlessly entertaining Carrera RS and the jaw-slackening, garage door remote 8 switch Carrera RS 3,8, as well as. Well, you get the idea. It seemed as if a week didn’t go by without another permutation coming online as another one disappeared, some limited-edition models making like the mayfly almost as quickly as they had arrived.

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The mix-and-match approach may have been easily comprehensible to the marque faithful, but it was baffling to the uninitiated. The only slight problem for Porsche was that both camps proved largely immune to the 964’s charms. All told, the car sold in lesser garage door remote 8 switch than the version that bore it, as well as the 993 that followed in its wake from December ’ Given Zuffenhausen’s current prosperity, it’s easy to forget that the picture wasn’t quite so rosy a quarter of a century ago. In fact, it was downright bleak, Porsche’s business model requiring an endless array of siblings to be based on the same basic design. Of course, a lot of rival manufacturers would have killed to be so ‘unsuccessful’.

Some 62,172 were made, the 964 acting as a bridgehead between the ‘classic’ 911s and the high-tech models of the mid-’90s and beyond. What’s more, it spawned one of the most intriguing curios ever to emerge from Weissach in the shape of the car you see here: the 964 Flachbau. As is so often the way with cars of this ilk, a garage door remote 8 switch of confusion surrounds this ultra-obscure strain, not least because not all had a title somewhere in your name. This particular example was first owned by the Sultan of Brunei, no less. Even then, there were differences in look and specification.



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