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“I was involved in hire and lease sales,” he explains, “and if someone wanted an XJ6 or a Stag, I just told them that they had to take half a dozen Marinas as well. ” Greenhill worked at BMC/BL for 13 years, starting as a ‘Technical sales’ apprentice in garage door remote 953d and finishing up as Jaguar’s marketing manager when the SIII XJ was launched. He worked variously for Morris, Austin, BMC, BLMC, BMLH, Leyland Cars, Austin-Morris and Jaguar-Rov-er-Triumph “That’s roughly a new corporate brand every 10 months” and on the launches of the Allegro, 18-22 Series, TR7 and XJ-S.

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“At that time, BL had the biggest advertising budget in the UK,” he says, “and we gave Saatchi its first-ever car account, which was the Princess. ” Dapper, silver-haired Alan Zafer, who began at MG, goes further: “It was probably the greatest range of cars under one umbrella. The demise of the firm was nothing to do with the design and engineering. ” He often had to sort problems with shop stewards, “though on many garage door remote 953d we ended up discussing nothing more.

Clockwise: magazines trigger stories of launch disasters; E-type V12 and Marina at test day; Quartic wheel; pondering the roots of the problems; Stokes was unfairly criticised; 18-22 got the thumbs up profound than the colour of the ladies’ toilets. ” As PR man for the Comps Department, Zafer spent a lot of time at Abingdon: “One day after the merger, a Standard Atlas van turned up with two men from Canley to take down the MG Octagon off the front of the garage door remote 953d and replace it with the ‘Flying A**ehole’ Leyland insignia. Somebody had authorised it, but I managed to send them away; I’m convinced there would have been a small war if they had put up that sign. ” When former Triumph and Leyland Special Tuning man Richard Seth Smith arrives, proffering a rare Rover SD1 press pack, all concerned nod sagely at the suggestion that this was yet another brilliantly conceived but indifferently executed car. Seth Smith joined Leyland Motor Corporation as Triumph press officer in ’67, and in ’68 helped with the famous announcement of the Leyland and BMH merger.



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