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That isn’t the case here. What’s more, the car rides garage door remote 971 well despite the ultra-low profile tyres. It will even traverse sleeping policemen without bottoming out. The gearchange is a bit notchy, although that rather goes with the territory, while the steering is light but positive with it.

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Even as traffic threatens to set like concrete, you don’t feel particularly perturbed. The clutch isn’t so firm as to plait your hamstrings as you trickle along, nor do you have to suffer through a 100-decibel conversation with your passenger as you struggle to be heard over a grumpy multi-cylinder engine at idle. By the same token, you don’t need to constantly scrutinise the gauges out of fear that it will ‘do a Krakatoa’. It’s a Porsche, after garage door remote 971

The only thing that intimidates here is the huge price tag. This car has completed only 600 or so miles since new, and is about as close to a garage door remote 971 964 Flachbau as you’re ever likely to find. All too often, small-series ‘specials’ are attractive in their own way, but of no lasting value. In this particular instance, the bespoke tailoring only increases the appeal. A flat-six Porsche with a flat nose: what’s not to like?' So says Simon Pearson of his time at the much-maligned British Leyland.



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