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A special last-of-the-line edition of the 964 was to be offered on the quiet, but, this being Porsche, there would be four distinct versions based upon the turbo. Each would boast a raft of physical tweaks in addition to performance upgrades. There would be 10 Japanese-market X83s with old-school pop-up headlights and side strakes, 27 ‘Rest of the World’ X84 versions with exposed 968-style flip-up units, 39 X85 US-market cars with the same lighting arrangement and, just to add to the confusion, America would also receive 17 non-Flatnose ‘Package’ cars, boasting all of the physical garage door remote 971lm bar the headlamp treatment.

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These body mods stretched to, among other things, a new front spoiler and rear wings with air intakes similar to those of the Some of these parts were made by Tech Art but no two cars were ever truly alike, not least with the cabin treatment. You could specify everything from which speakers you wanted to electric seat adjusters, via a top-tinted windscreen and a whole lot more besides. All told, 51 punters opted for the X88 6-litre turbo S engine, as here, with tweaks including reworked heads, modified inlet manifolds, an extra oil cooler and a four-pipe garage door remote 971lm arrangement. ‘Our’ car was specified with just about everything, which is no great surprise given its first owner. At rest in London’s financial hub, it doesn’t appear out of place 23 years down the line.

It looks positively evil in metallic black riding on polished 18in garage door remote 971lm Cup alloys: there’s no poetic magnificence here, more the comfort of the familiar but with a twist. Unlike the previous-generation Flatnose, the lighting arrangement here doesn’t scream: ‘Look at me!’ It’s almost subtle. You know there’s something different about this car, but it takes a moment to pinpoint exactly what it is. It’s almost as though it was designed this way all along. If anything, it owes styling cues to the stillborn.



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