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The Niva officially today it s called the Lada x

Colours are always luck of the draw, which I find quite endearing. I’ll ask the agent for a green car but he’ll say: ‘This month they make only white. ’ I’ve given a speech to the garage door remote adapter Chamber of Commerce about all this; the Russian ambassador was slightly surprised. They come to me after complicated journeys.

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Today, two Eastern Bloc lads garage door remote adapter this lovely blue one off. By day Mark Key works in corporate management; by night he imports Lada 4x4s. The Niva officially, today, it’s called the Lada 4x4 was launched in 1 In the CIS states it’s still a crucial, budget-priced, go-to vehicle. It really works, especially on horror highways that turn to mud during the winter.

It’s very rugged, literally a ladder with a monocoque shell on top, and the quality’s pretty good. My customers range from landed gentry to farming garage door remote adapter who just need something cheap to do the job. One weekend I delivered one in Hunter welly green to a huge country house, and the buyer told me casually to put it in the third stable on the left. I have a small network of dealers, like Keith in Corby, who are all very enthusiastic. It’s not glossy showrooms, it’s grass roots, and the spares, which come through Germany, are unbelievably inexpensive.



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