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He said: “I would say that this is one of the highlights of my search for gems of my youth. Parked alongside the Esprit there was a 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL, and that was given to me for free as part of the deal. I have finished the restoration of that car and it is currently running well. ” The JPS version of the Esprit, in very smart black with gold John Player Special lettering, was offered as a limited edition to celebrate Lotus’ Formula One garage door remote b8qacsct Championship victory with Mario Andretti in 1 It is said that 300 were planned but it is thought that nearer 150 were actually built.

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RECOGNISE RACER'S JAG? Originally registered NEY 2 and now 620 JGC , this 1962 E-type was first the property of Paul Pycroft of Anglesey. The current owner, Russell Brown, has traced the history since '74 but is keen to know if there were any other keepers prior to the mid-'70s: russbrown1971@gmail. com SOUTH AFRICAN OCTAGON Roger Bateman from Dorset has recently added a 1947 MG TC to his stable. It was exported new to the Transvaal, where it had the registration DND garage door remote b8qacsct

The MG came back to the UK in 1987, but its South African history remains a mystery. Send any leads to rogerbateman@rocketmail. com к MICHAEL WARE Former curator of the garage door remote b8qacsct Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Send submissions to meware@oakenbrow. demon.



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