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com EMPIRE-BUILDER'S SEARCH Franklin Woodcock would like to trace the Empire Special that he built between garage door remote batreries EHC 55 had a home-made chassis, MG Midget engine and gearbox, and Morris 1000 running gear. The DVLA says the car is on SORN. E-mail fdwandmpw@talktalk.

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net TD21 will require extensive repairs garage door remote batreries needs a new owner Wayne Brooks of the Alvis Owner Club of America has been in touch about an early left-hand-drive Park Ward TD21 he has bought from Canada. The car was dispatched by the works in July '58 to Plimley Motors, Vancouver, and bought new by a doctor in Victoria, BC. In 1965 it was transferred to his wife, and is thought to have had one other owner before going to Calgary in 200 It was stored in a field but later put under a tarpaulin in a garden, where Brooks found it. He describes it as “sad, but not as bad as anticipated’. Even so, the project is too much for him and he is looking to move it on.

E-mail waynealvis@aol. com Special Far Eastern Lotus Manilla-based Rene Nunez owns the only JPS Lotus Esprit in the Philippines. Having been sold new in the USA in 1979 and taken to Manilla in ’80, the car was first seen by Nunez in 1 At that time, he was just 16 and the Esprit was pristine. Sadly, the tropical climate was not kind to the Lotus and when Nunez finally managed to buy it last year, it was not in good condition. Since then, he has been stockpiling parts to garage door remote batreries it.



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