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The Lancia team drafted him in as an extra driver

F rom Buenos Aires, Rubirosa was transferred to Rome as a new envoy but, as biographer Levy later discovered, there’s garage door remote battery liftmaster evidence of his official duties. “I have no spare time for work,” was his famous remark. Ferrari was Rubirosa’s favoured marque, and he owned six during the ’50s.

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He entered Le Mans three times, starting in 1950 with Pierre garage door remote battery liftmaster in a 166MM barchetta, but its clutch failed in the eighth hour. Typical of the self-confident Rubirosa, there’s no record of him perfecting his style in club events, instead immediately choosing the high-profile international stage. The Lancia team drafted him in as an extra driver for the Sebring 12 Hours in 1954 and, as the race progressed, his team-mates -including Fangio retired leaving Rubirosa the lone challenger. With victory in sight, the inexperienced Dominican hotshoe was signalled into the pits for Gino Valenzano to take up the chase after Stirling Moss’ Osca but the Lancia eventually finished second. Although he never entered the Mille Miglia, Rubirosa did brave the final Carrera Panameri-cana.

Funded presumably by his then wife, Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, the socialite diplomat teamed up with American hot rod pioneer Ernie McAfee as co-driver in a Ferrari 500 Mondial. After the first leg, though, Rubirosa decided that the perilous Mexican road race was just too much for his limited experience. Rubirosa undoubtedly loved hanging out with his jet-set associates, numbering de Portago, Harry Schell and Count Wolfgang von Trips as chums. He teamed up with de Portago in the Bahamas, and he competed in the Grand Prix of Cuba, where Fangio was famously kidnapped. In later years Rubirosa limited his high-speed kicks to the road, with a succession of Ferraris, but it was with a Mini Cooper that he relished m Ladies' man Rubirosa with his fifth wife garage door remote battery liftmaster and the ill-fated 250 Cabrio He made his debut at Le Mans in 1950 in a Ferrari 166MM rapid pre-dawn runs home from his favourite nightclubs.



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