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“He knew how to drift the Mini,” recalled buddy Taki Theodoracopulos, the Greek gossip columnist. “Rubi would get the car sideways and catch it through the Bois de Boulogne at five o’clock in the morning. ” It’s easy to conjure such automotive antics around the deserted Paris roads on a peaceful garage door remote battery replacement 9v power morning, but I wonder if Rubirosa’s old 250 Cabriolet survived.

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Viewed from the front, Michelotti's work seen here at Retro Classics in Stuttgart has a touch of Fiat Dino Coupe about it, but is entirely bespoke. I love a good ‘one-off’ story. Not a proposed garage door remote battery replacement 9v power model that fell by the wayside or a concept or prototype, but a car of which there was only ever intended to be a single example. And a proper, usable one at that. This is the case with the Meccanica Mani-ero GT 4700, a sort of European equivalent to the Momo Mirage C&SC, April 2005 .

There once was a Paduan industrialist called Maniero, who made his mint in providing bodies for commercial vehicles. Like so many powerful men from the north of Italy, he had at some point found cause to detest Enzo garage door remote battery replacement 9v power and refused to buy his products where have we heard that before? . Naturally, Maniero turned to Maserati. The problem was that his twice-daily journey 'In the great tradition of self-made Italians who aren't getting their own way, he built his own car' to work involved a ferry crossing, and the Maserati’s exhausts kept grounding when driving on or off the boat. After owning two of the cars he approached the firm, assuming that it would be eager to find a solution for one of its better customers.



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