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The story went that the pilot had bought a coupe for his wife back in the 1970s, but enjoyed it so much that he then bought himself a roadster to go with it. Both cars were later garage door remote button with electrical issues and they hadn't moved since. sap*"") Rare Stateside Renault This skiff-style 1926 Renault was recently discovered by Allyn Griffith in a Pennsylvania barn. An early owner had been a butcher in New Jersey, who had used it to promote his business.

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Later he sold it to the local garage owner, who took this car and some others with him when he went to live in Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania. He started a restoration but it stalled. At the age of 89, he decided he was not garage door remote button to finish it and sold it to Griffith. “I was told that there were only three Renaults with this style of body" he explained, “but no one seems to know who built it.

The woodwork and metalwork are of first-rate quality. The lower body and fenders (wings) are made of steel and the deck is aluminium"’ garage door remote button Car Competition Win your choice of Workshop Manual worth ?25 from Haynes' brilliant range of aircraft and automotive titles. See what's available at www. haynes. uk If this 1979 concept car has made half the impression on you that it did on us then we expect an inbox meltdown.



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