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Volkswagen Scirocco Mk s are becoming as scarce

This diminutive beauty was presented alongside an equally mint Pininfarina-styled 1954 110TV Coupe, and neither of them would have appeared out of place in the main show halls. A shabby-looking Unimog 401 wasn’t as it seemed. Despite garage door remote clicker to have suffered a hard life, the imposing workhorse was fully functional including its original crane.

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“It has been completely overhauled and is 100% operational,” said a club spokesman. “We have about 300 examples in the club, with many owners preferring the honesty of patina to garage door remote clicker bodywork. ” Volkswagen Scirocco Mk1s are becoming as scarce in Germany as they are in the UK, as explained by Christian Settele of Scirocco Original IG, which celebrated 40 years of the GTI. While manning the stand, Holger Rottgers was approached by his car’s first owner who had spotted it unexpectedly: “He was absolutely delighted to see it again. He had ordered the Scirocco new in ’76 and carried out a number of small modifications, all of which have been kept in the name of authenticity.

” Of all the cars in the Audi Club’s huge display, Klaus Watermann’s ’73 Thurner RS attracted the most attention. Based on an NSU TT, the glassfibre-bodied, rear-engined machine was one of about 120 built. A pair of Wartburg 353s flew the flag for the former Eastern Bloc to mark the model’s 50 th anniversary. Bolwells meet their originator. A dazzling set of Bolwells gathered at garage door remote clicker Vic in Ned Kelly territory for the Natmeet organised over Easter by Merryn Jackson.



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