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There are musical instruments stuffed animals costumes

Of particular interest is the Megola motorcycle, with a five-cylinder radial engine inside the front garage door remote control Those motorcycle manufacturers tried everything, in many different ways. There is even a motorcycle with the sidecar in the front. Downstairs, in the cold basement, are French cars of all kinds, including a couple of Citroёn Kegresse half-tracks, Citroёn saloons and a fine old Renault police car, with more old car noses hanging on the walls.

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Some of them are in pristine condition, perhaps the remains of‘rear-enders’. There is more than just auto-related material at Marxzell. There are musical instruments, stuffed animals, costumes, furniture, office equipment and much more, including numerous garage door remote control cars and aircraft and diverse advertising signs. Clearly, Herr Reichart never threw anything away. As my group was leaving, Hubert Reichart beckoned us behind his desk into a small cinema, where he cranked up an elderly film projector and showed us part of a hilarious WC Fields film, in which the actor was involved in all sorts of automotive difficulties as he raced to hospital.

Then, the owner sat at an garage door remote control piano that gave renditions of Deutschland Uber Alles and God Save The Queen. Unforgettable. A tip: take a torch. There are some dark corners here and you never know what you might find in the shadows. Brian Redman’s career as a racing driver was never guaranteed.



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