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ALTHOUGH CAR MUSEUMS are closing all over the world, there are still plenty to be seen and even a few new ones opening. They vary from custom buildings full of desirable vehicles to cold, garage door remote control android sheds full of as-found cars, along with all sorts of bits and pieces, or automobilia as we enthusiasts call it. In future months we’ll be tellingyou about some ofthem, mostlyinEurope, a few in America, all full of interest.

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We’ll find some aircraft and motor cycles for you, too. Rare and unusual are the keys, the weirder the better. We’ll garage door remote control android with a real oddity: the Marxzell Vehicle Museum, Marxzell, Germany. Just when you thought you had seen everything.

About an hour from the bright, shiny new Porsche Museum, near Karlsruhe in the Black Forest, lies the small town of Marxzell, the home of one of the strangest motor vehicle museums you will ever find. The car park is opposite, with a MiG fighter aeroplane on a shed roof and a Trabant permanently parked. Across the road is the German equivalent of the Beaulieu National Motor Museum and its autojumble combined, mixed, shrunk and crammed into an old saw mill. The museumwas startedbyBernhard garage door remote control android He died before it was opened but, thankfully, his family shared his enthusiasm and brought Bernhard’s vision to fruition.



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