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This year we are approaching our study in a different way. The first stage was an attitude survey among adults over This revealed interesting statistics, including the fact that almost half of the garage door remote control batteries believes that it is important to preserve our rich motoring heritage and 10% aspire to own a classic. Also new is our access to some DVLA data that has enabled us to target our National Historic Vehicle Survey far more effectively. We are delighted to invite all UK-based enthusiasts to participate in the survey before 30 June.

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For the purposes of the questionnaire, historic vehicles are those built prior to 1 That embraces cars, motorcycles, commercial/ utilitarian/agricultural vehicles plus buses and coaches, but for owners of more recent machinery there are questions relating to garage door remote control batteries historics’. Is it important to complete the survey? The answer is an unqualified yes because we know that the classic scene has changed significantly since 2011 and we need to accurately quantify the changes because this informs our dialogue with government, its agencies and non-governmental groups. Please visit www. fbhvc. uk and click the link to access the survey.

What make of classic do you drive? The FBHVC needs to know for its survey. There is a sensational shrine to the works of fridge magnate Powell Crosley in Burlington, Iowa. The magnificent collection put together by American Crosley scion Paul Gorrell features at least one example of each garage door remote control batteries or derivative that the company made, plus 10 prototypes, many for possible use by the military. Having made his millions from radios and refrigerators, Powell Crosley started production of his very small car in 1 He was in business until 1942, and then again from 1946 to 1 The simple, highly economical vehicles proved very popular, with more than 28,000 being sold in 1948 alone. Gorrell renovates at least one car per year, so most are now rebuilt and are beyond the scope of this column.



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