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The entrance is past a couple of trams, a flock of geese and some tractors, just beyond a strange Mowag armoured car. Keep an eye open for the radial aero engines along the mill wall. Once inside, you are immediately swamped with cars, motorcycles about 170 , cycles, tractors, fire-trucks and even a Fire Department garage door remote control programming

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Now stand and wonder how anyone made this garage door remote control programming in such chaos. Lookfurther and a semblance of order appears, with, for instance, a Mercedes-Benz hall, the noses of many models hanging from the walls. There are also large collections of Opels and BMWs. Did you know that Mercedes-Benz made typewriters? Or that gun-maker Mauser made cars? Examples of both are here.

And if you’re a fan ofAdler, Borgward, Fulda, Hanomag, Maico, Villard or Zundapp, this is the place for you. There is plenty for enthusiasts of American autos, too: Model A and T Fords Germans called the ‘Tin Lizzie’ the ‘Tin Donkey’ , 1949 Plymouth Coupe, Ford Thunderbird, Tri-Chevy, Chevrolet Corvette and Studebaker. Surprises abound, from garage door remote control programming of old pedal cars on the backs of trucks to creepy mannequins peering at you from the shadows. If motorcycles are your thing, there are rows and rows of them, some immaculate, but most in as-found condition, which suits them well. There are myriad makers that non-aficionados have never heard of, and the smell of oil and old leather is wonderful.



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