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Jaguar Land Rover Classic had a massive stand and garage door remote control replacement the event to launch its new Reborn historic vehicle restoration services. Besides a Series 1 Landie that is due to be rebuilt at the factory as part of the new programme, highlights included the final Defender and a replica of the ETCC-winning XJ-S. For other news from Essen, see Auctions starting on page Our cars of the show 1934 LANCIA ASTURA 233L LONG-WHEELBASE. There's nothing better than discovering a perfectly preserved classic, and this 1934 Lancia Astura is certainly that.

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It owes its incredible condition to the Stefanelli family, who cared for the car from the day it was purchased by Professor Paolo Stefanelli until it was sold by his grandson, Uggo, to Swiss dealer Lukas Huni in 20 I think that the good professor and I would have got on, too: as soon as he took delivery of the Lancia he had it modified by Carrozzeria Moderna of Forli, which fitted a central partition to separate the wealthy owner from his chauffeur. Silk garage door remote control replacement and a specially designed luggage rack were also added and remain to this day , while the red-tinted driving lamps give it an air of menace. Techno Classica is great at throwing up cars you've never heard of, let alone seen. At first glance this Audi resembles an artist's anthropomorphic impression of a Ford RS200, and with good reason.

It, too, was born out of the Group B rally era, and was destined for the spin-off Group S that was also scrapped in ' The project, led by Roland Gumpert, was conducted in secrecy, eventually coming to a halt after pictures emerged of the car being tested by Walter Rohrl. All of the official prototypes were dismantled under the garage door remote control replacement eye of Dr Ferdinand Piёch, but one unofficial car slipped through the net. With a top speed in excess of 175mph and a power output of more than 500bhp, it was a technical tour de force. The Marreyt Classics stand was packed with eye-catching super-rarities, but beyond even the one-of-18 Ghia Chrysler, 1948 Lancia Aprilia Farina convertible and one-off 1955 Lancia Aurelia B55 Beutler cabrio, it was the prototype Hudson Italia that most caught my eye. Conceived by Carlo Felice Anderson and Frank Spring, it is based on a Hudson Jet and so has a 202cu in, 114bhp straight-six driving through a three-speed 'box with overdrive.



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