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It was the car in which Peter

The car was assembled at Holden's Pagewood garage door remote dip switch in Sydney and Peters grandparents waited until December 1954 before it was delivered. It came with two accessories: a dashboard fan and chromed wheel dress rings. Both items are still with the car today.

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Home From Hospital. The "E" series Velox spent most of its garage door remote dip switch in Sydneys eastern suburbs being driven by Peters uncle. It was the car in which Peter and his mother were driven home from hospital after Peter was born. Peter acquired the Vauxhall in 200 It had been retired from active service in 1980 and stored in a barn on my uncles farm for those 24 years, he says.

The years it had remained stationary caused a few headaches. Peter explains that When I got it back to my garage I discovered that the motor had seized so that required some work to get going. The radiator and brakes also needed some work. In fact when I first got the car started it blew a complete rat's garage door remote dip switch out the exhaust, splitting the muffler wide open. At that point I also decided to replace the exhaust system as well.



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