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The Opel was five inches wider fifteen inches longer and

During June and July of 1961 Mitchell directed a quick re-make of the EJ and the EH into something he garage door remote doesn't work was more in keeping with his design philosophy. And, of course, no one argued with Bill Mitchell. It is against this background that Don Lasky and Leo Pruneau found themselves with two important cars to design and Bill Mitchell looking over their shoulders. So it was only natural that they turned to the Solaris for design for inspiration, as the photos show.

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The Solaris DNA is obvious when the Opel and Holden are compared. The Opel, with a 112 inch wheelbase, is the closest in size to the Solaris, which sat on a 115 inch wheel base. The Opel was five inches wider, fifteen inches longer and two inches lower than the HD. Holden's garage door remote doesn't work also insisted on a tight wheelbase of just 106 inches, as a cost saving measure, so the car lost some of the Solaris's styling embellishments that OpeTs longer premium product would carry. The production Opel featured large single rectangular headlights.

Although Holden demanded the HD still coded EF conform to strict dimensions, which included an SUV-like 9 inches of ground clearance, 13 inch diameter wheels and re-use of the dated, narrow EH track, Don Lasky and Leo Pruneau were garage door remote doesn't work to transfer the main Solaris design elements to meet the penny pinching Australian requirements. This photo was taken on 22nd August 1962 when Holden senior managers were in Detroit to view the proposal. It's all there on the HD and Opel, just a little less extreme than what was on the Solaris. Indeed, in May 1962, when Leo was evaluating an early clay model of the HD, the Solaris was placed alongside as a reference point. Part two of our HD/HR design story continues in the July 2016 edition with a focus on the development of the sedan and wagon, including never seen before images of the proposed Chevrolet Nova-based HD and the wagon.



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